Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sleeping Dragon, a cake tale

After reading about this cake pan on CNet (thanks Bonnie Burton!) I knew I just had to have one. Unfortunately it was back ordered. I think I waited patiently for three to four months before it was back in stock at Think Geek. I happily ordered it and waited for it to arrive.
 Check out this pan

 Can you see all those nooks and crannies?! I knew upon inspection that I would have to grease this pan really well.
 I used butter because cooking sprays kind of scares me. Have you seen what it does to pans over time? I don't think that can be to good for you over years of use.
 For my recipe I went to my go to easy chocolate cake that has yet to fail me. I make some substitutions like using the best chocolate I can lay my hands on, baker's sugar (super fine) and olive oil instead of run of the mill unknown vegetable oil.  If you decide to try the recipe out and you get yourself to the step of adding boiling water, I promise that it will all work out. It looks like you have just messed up your batter but keep stirring. It will miraculously turn into the most perfect looking cake batter.  
 I filled up my new cake pan and decided that it needed about an eighth more batter. I left it because I didn't really need extra cake batter leftover. It baked probably ten minutes longer then the recipe called for. I removed the cake from oven and then waited. Thanks to my professional baking background I knew I had to be patient and not force the cake out of the mold too soon. All told the cake cooled in the pan for over an hour.
 Thanks to my excellent greasing skills it slid right out.
I know there is someone out there who could decorate this cake beautifully. I think I will just drizzle some chocolate ganche over it and enjoy it with some vanilla ice cream. 


S Kinder said...

What chocolate do you use for this cake, and in what ratio? Is it instead of the cocoa powder?

Luna Indigo said...

King Arthur Flour has some great cocoa powders.