Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Matamata Or The Shire

My first major stop on the north island was to go on a tour of Hobbiton. The town of Matamata is about two hours south of Auckland. The tour takes you onto the private property where they filmed scenes for The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy. Whether you are a die hard fan or just curious the tour will fill up your desire to know more about the whole filming process. 
 During the first go around at the farm for filming the set designers made everything about of foam because they had no intention of leaving anything up after they were finished. However as more and more fans figured out the exact location and started asking for tours Peter Jackson and his crew came up with a plan. The owner of the working sheep farm agreed with the plan they drew up and the rest is history. Every hobbit hole has been inspected by the authorities to make sure they are in fact built to code.
 The details are amazing as you can see on the bench above
 It is a magical place 
 For my entire tour it poured buckets

 How do you like the garden?

 You can't go to Bilbo's door and peak in

 nice mail box

 I have now had a pint in the Green Dragon 

I would recommend the tour

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