Monday, July 20, 2015

Driving from Christchurch to Timaru and then on to Dunedin

 There were some long hours in a camper van on my trip and I saw many roads
 100 kilometers an hour really isn't that fast (around 64 mph) so you don't make good time
 The harbor of Oamaru 
 it was cold and crisp that day

 Yes, that really is the color of the water. Looks bitter cold to me.
Oamaru has a section of town that still looks like it is in the Victorian age. The buildings are all impressive and the roads are cobblestone. You could definitely film a period piece there.
 Those are the Moeraki boulders. There are at least five different theories on how they formed or came to be. 

 As you can see some of the boulders have cracked open

 Looking for penguins and seals along the coastline 

 Fur seals

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