Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fed up

I keep watching hateful laws being passed and racial slurs being tossed around like confetti. People in general are rude 9 times out of 10 because no one corrected them when they were small children. White entitlement seems to be at at record high and basically there is no middle class anymore. The 0.01% strut around with their fabulous health care plans as their entourages. C class celebrities are served up as role models on the nightly news and we're overbuilding with no plans for the future. 

Meanwhile animals are being slaughtered by big game hunters and poachers who laugh in the face of the law. Trees are being ripped down faster then you can blink. Our rivers are drying up and the weather patterns are changing. Antarctica's temperature have broken into the 60s and the general public can't even find it on a map.  

Our children are being pushed to know how to write complete sentences before they can even clearly write the alphabet. They aren't being taught the basics anymore. It is on to power point demonstrations in first grade. Common core has been eroded and diluted to a point that I am sure the people who thought it up cannot even recognize it. And the math they are teaching? It comes with minimal instructions and is so illogical most parents yell out in frustration. 

Despite all these obvious signs  conservative politicians and right wing companies seem to be number one. The behavior of these esteemed people who were elected by the general public throw tantrums like two year old kids. There are no consequences for their idiotic behaviors just pats on the back and more money in their pockets from big oil companies and fertilizer giants. They are laughing and high on greed. 

It seems that soon we will be actually be living in one of those ever popular distopias like Hunger Games or Divergent with factions warring against each other vying and jocking for complete and total power.

As cheesy as it sounds people of every background and belief system need to reach across that huge divide and band together. We need to take a stand and say NO.

I find myself getting tired of the same old stories. Maybe I'll just run off and go join a commune somewhere. ;-) 

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