Thursday, January 15, 2015

Firing back at all those Op-Ed people who praise only having one child

The following blog might offend some people and that is okay. It is meant to be sarcastic, pointed and full of my opinion. You don't have to agree with me.

Over the last few years I have seen many parents of only children write these long flowery pieces on why it is so magical and perfect to have only one child. They really do make out all of us with more then one child out at these horrible, stupid idiots who are out to destroy the planet and only shop at stores like Walmart. It is really starting to piss me off. 

"I can hold the hand of everyone in my family
Who cares? I can be in the middle of a hug sandwich. What is that? When all my kids and husband hugs me at once.

"My family only takes up three seats on an airplane"
I can fill out five seats in a row on an airplane. We can look across the aisle at each other and help each other out. How many strangers across the aisle have offered to pick up something you dropped? Probably not so many. Plus we often are handed more snacks which can benefit my randomly hungry children over the course of a flight.(this is not to say we don't pack enough food to feed an army)

"I can devote my love and energy into one kid."
I'm sorry but to me this is saying how incredibly selfish you are. It comes off like you are more important and can only deal with one child. Are you sure that you really wanted to have that kid in the first place? (yes, that will piss off people but think about it for a moment). 

"We aren't taxing the planet"
Where exactly did this idea come from? I understand the principal behind it but who started it? From a mere scientific perspective every animal species on this planet is supposed to procreate as much as possible. (I really don't recommend this) That is actually your sole purpose of making it to adulthood. Now I know there are people out there that have more children because their religion tells them too. But not all of us have more then one child because a book told us too. And those of us who are concerned about our planet are actually raising our children to be consciousness of how to make it a better place. While you with your one child have only one voice to carry on this message, I have two who can verbally carry this message on to their children. Mathematically speaking isn't that better?

Each couple needs to make up their own minds about how many children or no children they want. Outside parties can just stay out of it as far as I am concerned. I would really like it if I stopped seeing articles about having an only is better. Or how having no children is great. I am tired of being bashed for making a different choice then you did. 

I can make arguments for being an only and having siblings because I was raised as an only child and now in adulthood have been watching my children deal with having siblings. 

Let's stop the cycle of "I am better then you because_______" Instead let's embrace our differences and try to save our one and only planet together. 

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