Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nourish Me- Spirit of The Poor

This month's theme is food and feeding your neighbor. Define food. Define neighbor. You could just think about the people who live within a two mile radius as your neighbors. Or you could look past your nose and think about your neighbors who live all around the world. Us, humans as a group don't do very well when it comes to thinking past our noses or towards the future and learning from the past.

We all need to eat and take in nourishment to keep ourselves alive.My kids sometimes eat just about all day long. Which makes me wonder how other parents deal with their children and their eating habits around the world. People in the first world have the luxury of eating when they are bored, sad, happy, etc...Walking into a grocery store anywhere in the United States and you would never think there was a scarcity of food. However with climate change, mono cultures and heavy use of chemicals we will have food shortages.

Collectively the human race is so passive that we think somebody else will fix all the major problems in the world. This apathy towards our planet and every living thing on it will eventually lead to our demise. In order to think and accomplish things on a global level, everyone must start individually on a very local level. And I do mean e v e r y o n e.

Change is really hard. Believe me I know. Learned habits are very hard to unlearn. What can you do to feed your neighbor? Don't buy that Round Up Weed Killer. Look past those massive fast food restaurant chains. And put down those genetically engineered seeds. (there of course is more you can do but these are great examples of the changes we all need to make)

We have to embrace the good bugs in order to fight the bad bugs. Nature has a set of balances in place all ready. On a very tiny scale you can look at those insects in your garden. If you spray that garden with massive amounts on chemicals then you will be upsetting the natural of balance of things. You will kill all the bugs in your yard good or bad. After they are all gone then you will experience a small amount of bliss while all your plants thrive. Then everything will go down hill because without those great protective bugs the bad bugs will come back in such force that you will go out and buy more chemicals. Do you see the vicious cycle we are creating?

Now why did I bring up fast food chains? Their massive use of sodium alone should make you stay far far away from them. Let's talk about that beef they serve. Is it organic? Nope. Is it full of hormones and other chemicals? Oh yes. Do those cows have an idyllic life before they are slaughtered? No. We have been taught that animals are lesser then us and don't experience life like we do. However there is more and more evidence coming out to the contrary. What about all those hormones? Seems those are also super bad for the cows, the land they are on and the humans who eat them.  How can you still support your local rancher and farmer? Go to places that only serve grass feed beef for one. Yes, it is more expensive but you are sending a clear message about what is okay to put into your body and what isn't okay.

Genetically engineered seeds, why on earth are those bad for us? Seems like a great idea, right? Have a strong seed that is resistant to rot and is promised to grow you a great crop. It doesn't promote biodiversity. Instead it has us growing a mono culture which strips out nutrients from the land. Good farmers know that every year you have to rotate your crops so that your dirt won't be completely striped of one type of good growing nitrogen and other things. Not to mention those seeds will help breed super bugs that will mutate into things that will be resistant to all sorts of chemical sprays. (see how everything is tied together?)

Buy local. Support your farmer's market. Don't have a gigantic fit if something is actually out of season and you can't buy it. Let those spiders and other good bugs live. And plant a diverse garden with heirloom, organic seeds. All these little things will help us all take a bigger step in the right direction and help us feed our neighbors who are close and far away.

This is the only planet we know of where there is life. Let's work together and try and save it now. Tomorrow will be to late and we can't change what we did yesterday.

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Newell Hendricks said...

Luna, this is such an excellent post. It is clear that you really understand this issue and have a passion it.

" with climate change, mono cultures and heavy use of chemicals we will have food shortages." That is such a scary thought, yet so real.

I will see if I can continue your thoughts in a post.

Luna Indigo said...

Thanks Newell! I over simplified it but then again you have to so that your readers can be pulled in to the discussion in the first place. I do feel passionate about it because as whole we all just sit on our hands waiting for someone else to do it, completely forgetting that we have to do it.