Friday, May 23, 2014

#Economics, let's cap it already

I have been mad all week. Why am I mad? I have a whole list of reasons and I have decided to vent one here on this little blog.

Do you make what you think should be a decent wage? My husband does. If you had told him when he was a child that he would someday be making what he does now I am pretty sure he would have thought that you were lying. Back then anyone making his salary would have been thought of as rich, with nothing to worry about. Today though it is a completely different story.

Sure some salaries are higher but so is the cost of everything else. The quality of goods sold has decreased dramatically forcing the consumer to buy more as things wear out. Take a pair of jeans for an example. Those were typically worn by workers, no one outside of those groups use to wear them at all. Now jeans are everywhere. And the price for a pair is on average about $100. People complain about the prices and yet they keep buying them. And here lies the vicious cycle of modern life.

We all need clothes and food. Most of us need a car these days too. Then there is the whole housing issue. Most of us would like to have a place to sleep at night. A long time ago you could buy bread, milk, eggs and butter for under $2.Now all those items individually are generally over $2. Organic milk is nearly $6 for a gallon. As a consumer you have to plot and plan out your food plan otherwise you'll be $100 lighter in the wallet and have only five items in your shopping cart.

People at some point in history decided that they didn't want to trade goods with each other anymore and invented money. Thinking that it would be easier for business transactions and level the playing field. We created it. We have elected officials to help regulate things from monetary concerns to creating laws to organize our lives.

Over time as life got more "complicated" prices of much needed items started to rise. Farms and companies started to ship goods further and further away from where they were originally manufactured. The populations have grown and shifted.  The consumer is still there buying things but grumbling under their breath about overly inflated prices on crappy made objects.

My idea is rather crazy but a good idea. I want those elected officials to actually start working for the people who elected them in the first place. I want them to realize that we, humans made up the laws and money in the first place. It is time to cap prices on everything from housing and cars to clothing and food. Otherwise the prices will keep going up and everyone will be going to the second hand stores hoping to find a decent pair of pants.

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