Wednesday, May 07, 2014

#Ballard: why are super sized houses okay?

Drive around in my neighborhood these days and you are bound to pass at least three construction sites. I could actually turn blue and pass out if I was to try and take a picture of ever mega house being built or finished in the last year. I have gotten very angry about it too. I call them parasites and cancers. These blights are going up so fast that soon all you are going to see is a tiny patch of sky above you. Trees are being yanked out. The personality and soul is being shredded by developers who could careless about the history of this place. And these new houses don't fit in to the traditional look of this place. They are so big that not one patch of green is left on a lot.

In this day and age of smart phones and super fast technology, how is it that as a society we are becoming dumber? Global climate change is here and real (I know some people are still saying this is a farce but come on). There are signs all over the globe pointing to the fact that we need to stop tearing down our forests, stop choking our rivers and oceans with sludge and polluting our air with god knows what.

There is talk of embracing sustainability and yet I really don't see it on a daily level. I hear rumors that people really do want more open green spaces and yet all I see are high rises going up. Why is new better? Why is bigger better?

Do you really need to live in a gigantic house with your huge flat screen and over stuffed refrigerator? While driving around in that over sized gas guzzling SUV? No not really.

We are actually in a point and time when we can start to reverse the bad effects on the environment.Can we all please step back and realize that remodeling houses is a better idea? That reusing materials that have already been manufactured is an okay practice? That smaller is better when it comes to living in a city? Can we keep our backyard and front yards and plant them with native plants to attract those ever necessary pollinators so that our crops will survive? Is it really that hard to do?

I don't think so.

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