Saturday, April 26, 2014

Farmers Markets on Kauai

I somehow manage to block out of my brain just how different farmers markets are on Kauai then from Seattle every year. Seattle's while crowded are incredibly laid back affairs where you can stroll along looking at all that is for sale and then making a decision about what you are going to buy. Whereas on Kauai it is like you are suddenly waiting outside the doors at 4 AM on Black Friday getting your elbows ready to jab another competing customer in the ribs if they happen to try and grab the same produce as you. (I am so not kidding) Even though you might see that a farmers market is from 9-1 on a certain day in a certain town you'll probably miss out on many items if you show up at 10 AM.
 locally grown limes (they are so much juicer and taster then the store bought ones!) and apple bananas
 papaya, mountain apples, pineapple, limes and more apple bananas
 "Sugar loaf" or white pineapple grown on the north coast of Kauai. It is less acidic and sweet but not overly sweet then a typical yellow pineapple
Yes, macadamia nut pesto! This picture is from last year but we managed to score this amazing pesto twice this year. The guy behind Midnight Bear Breads was having a very hard time growing his basil this year so his pesto was pretty scarce. I wish I could have brought some back.

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