Saturday, March 01, 2014

What exactly is the point of Pinterest?

For well over a year various friends have tried to get me to join Pinterest and I have avoided it at all cost. Then the other week I decided what the hell, I'll go over and check it out.  I have discovered that there is a vast array of pictures covering many subjects. And I'll admit that I have fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole on a few occasions since joining.  But I have also stepped back and thought about this odd website. What is the point of it really, other then to waste loads and loads of time? Sure you can travel all over the world thanks to pictures of foreign locales being posted. Or you can travel down memory lane and browse through memorabilia from all sorts of genres without ever having to leave the comfort of your house. You can even find yourself  instructions for various do it yourself projects that you never knew you just had to do.  I suppose that if you are bedridden it can help you distract yourself from your boredom.
(current colors on my head)
Why do we need this utterly useless distraction of a website? Why do millions of people find themselves needing to create boards and to pin things on said boards? Maybe it is a way for us to assert our personality out into the vast ether of the Internet. We are steadily forgetting how to be social with our fellow humans in real life as we race towards more ways to stare at our computer screens. Are we creating a world of false introverts? Who knows, we are currently charting ourselves and our children into this unmapped or untested area.

Will someone please stand up with me and scream " S T O P"? Social graces are becoming an endangered species faster then you can type into a search engine. We are raising a generations of children who rely upon a television, computer or smart phone for entertainment. We are stomping out their wild and crazy imaginations because they don't know how to play outside or with a toy that doesn't light up and make all sorts of noises. It is like some weird sort of addiction that hasn't been labeled yet. However schools are happy to label the behaviorsthat stem from this thanks to overly plugged in trend.

Things like ADHD and other disorders are on the rise probably because in part of the school boards and invisible people who are in charge of schools wanting our kids, no expecting our kids to sit longer and longer each day and to conform to some bizarre industrial standards. When what our kids really need is longer lunch periods, more art and less testing.

Which brings me back to the beginning again. I joined Pinterest and sure you can go over there and follow me. You can discover more about my personality by the things I have posted on my various boards. Or you can shut your computer and either pick up a book (a real one, not your Kindle) or step outside. Maybe you could have a conversation with a friend in person. Or play a game with your kid.  Don't forget to leave your computer behind for at least an hour or more a day. You might just smile more. Or sleep better.

Go out there and UNPLUG!

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