Sunday, March 23, 2014's this point and shoot?

 My normal point and shoot is singing its swan song. I have been testing out new cameras and having a hard time. For one I don't understand why the new versions of point and shoot cameras are so tiny. Nor have I really figured out why people like having a fish eye lens.
 the above shot was taken during the daytime not twilight. There is this wacky thing called "live" and you can adjust light to dark, neutral to vivid and cool to warm.
 The camera didn't want me to take a picture of the sky
 focusing on a small flower was a bit hard too

 Look! I messed with the colors again

 I have discovered that if I stand up, far away from a flower or object I was to get a close up picture that it works better. Which doesn't make much sense to me.

 I was standing in my yard and took this picture of my neighbor's bush by the side of their house
 The best use of a fish eye lens I have found
 12.1 mega pixels with 80 combined zoom might not be the best idea someone has had
 Oh look now I have turned things yellow
this poor anemone looks like something has been eating it

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