Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Health: My sinuses suck

Almost a year ago I wrote a blog about how antibiotics saved my life. I had been sick for well over two months and I just wasn't getting any better. The antibiotics also proved to be a huge character in that story as one set sent me into quite the tailspin. Fast forward to this March 2014 and I am almost exactly in the same boat. In December I found myself going from the common cold to a full blown sinus infection in less then three days. I made the trek to see my ear, nose and throat doctor who of course placed me on antibiotics and steroids. I was diligent about taking my prescription although I recognized that the steroids were actually unnecessary. I was healthy for all but about a week after my antibiotics finished when once again I found myself congested and having pressure around my ears. Back again I went to the doctor who prescribed different antibiotics and said that if I got another sinus infection it might be time for surgery. Now this is where I stopped and said to myself NO. For you see last year I remember quite clearly from the little MRI scan I had done that my sinus passageways were average. There really wasn't any explanation as to why I kept having problems and surgery really wasn't warranted. And from what I hear the surgery is incredibly painful and rarely works.
 Today I have been off my last antibiotics prescription for about three weeks and last Friday I found myself in a tough spot. There was no doubt in my mind that I had another sinus infection brewing and it was a bad one. I had absolutely no desire to return to my very old school doctor either and took matters into my own hands. I ordered that neti pot up there in the picture from Amazon and then went to the drugstore and purchased some saline nasal spray (photo below).
 I started spraying that saline spray up my nose with such frequency. My neti pot wasn't due to arrive until Monday. Thanks to social media I started asking people for help on conquering this perpetual crisis without western medications.  I heard about neti pots and nasal spray bottles and something to do with apple vinegar. And then I was pointed into the direction of oil-pulling.
I will admit that it sounds bizarre and the first time you do it is so weird. However at this point I am pretty much willing to try anything because surgery isn't an option. I have been oil pulling since last Friday and you know what? All that pain and pressure I was feeling in my sinuses is G O N E. That's right folks. I have done it at least three times a day for almost five days now and I think I am beating this infection. I think the use of saline spray and oil pulling combined are saving me a trip down antibiotic lane. I have been spraying my sinuses at least three to five times a day. Which I realize all sounds rather excessive until you consider the alternative. I am not 100% healthy yet but I have made some incredibly progress which I hope keeps going.

Oh and that neti pot? I am going to send it back. That darn thing that some people swear by is so awkward and silly. I can use the bottle way easier and get more accuracy with what I am doing.

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