Thursday, February 13, 2014

Marius the giraffe died why exactly?

I assume that you have heard about the two year old giraffe from the Copenhagen Zoo who was put down via a bolt gun because they didn't want his genetics to mix with any of his relatives. This whole debacle sickens me but let me step away from that for just a moment.

Let's for a moment examine the extreme of an editorial I read about the whole situation on National Geographic's website. The author brings up the "cuteness factor" for creating revenue at the zoo. 

I realize that money in today's economy is incredibly important (I wish it wasn't the case). In the United States zoos often celebrate the birth of an animal and often times have a naming contest to encourage the public to become involved. The public certainly does love a baby animal, as you can't argue with the crowds that form around the enclosure of where that animal is.

The zoo in Copenhagen chose to breed their giraffes, which is the first problem in this entire scenario. The zoo made a profit from this new baby animal when it arrived and probably even celebrated it's arrival. Cut to present day, two years later and the crowds aren't as big. And Marius (yes, that was his name) is starting to go into puberty, which means he's really going to want to mate. The public claim by the Copenhagen zoo is that none of the other zoos in Europe wanted or needed another giraffe. So despite the outcry by animal enthusiasts and activists around the world they put a very healthy two year old giraffe to death this past sunday. And then had the audacity to dissect it in front of a gigantic crowd of school aged children.

Here is where my angry brain takes over and plays devil's advocate. If this zoo is indeed all about making capital and drawing crowds then why not make killing a giraffe or any of their prey animals the star attraction? They could call it a gala or a festival even. Have would be donors and patrons buy tables for a fancy meal and dancing under a tent with a up and coming band. Then after a bit of wine and dancing the zoo staff could ask for everyone to move towards the correct predator enclosure for the main attraction. A prey animal such as a giraffe or gazelle could be released into say the lion enclosure. The crowd could watch as the "surplus" animal is attacked and devoured right in front of them. It would be a great spectical for all to be hold. It would be embracing the history of the gladiator shows of old.

Is that too extreme for you? Isn't that basically what this zoo did in essence? They raised an animal they never wanted to in the first place, got it to fully trust it's humans that took care of it every day and then killed it out right. Never mind they could have killed an older or sick animal over this younger completely healthy one. 

I am so tired of reading headlines about my fellow humans slaughtering animals because for some reason they feel that it is their god given right. Never once stopping to take into account that this bloodshed affects us all. Why do humans as a collective group feel that animals are less them? Why do humans ignore the intelligence of many of the other animals on this planet? Why do humans need to show that they are all powerful over a lesser creature? We are horrible bullies if you ask me. Why do we have such a blood lust after all our history with causing the extinction of so many different animals. What are still trying to prove? Why can't we only take what we need? Why do we always have to rip down natural environments because new is better?

Disgusting humans. Not learning anything from the past and letting our damn egos chart our course into the future. We only have one earth and you are destroying it right now. Think about that for a change.


Sarrasine said...

There were zoos in Europe and Great Britain that would have taken him, but the CZ nixed it. So disturbing. One article I read had the keeper who killed him almost bragging about how they tricked him with one of his favorite treats. The whole thing makes me sick. There was no reason for this to happen.

Luna Indigo said...

it is so disgusting. the keepers and zoo are coming across as heartless. BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!