Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Cold and Crisp- getting ready for the Seahawks Parade

Today starting at 11:30 AM there will be a parade for the Seattle Seahawks in honor of their first ever win of the Super Bowl 48. The governor of our state has signed a decree that at 12:12 PM PST everyone who is willing shall make as much noise as possible for 30 seconds in honor of the 12th Man. 
Oddly the superintendent of the Seattle Public Schools issued a letter stating that it would be an unexcused absence for any student missing school to attend the parade. He has since back pedaled his harsh statement and now it is okay. Parents were dubbing it "blue fever". I can't even imagine how many thousands of kids are going to this parade. Or how horrible his attendance levels would plunge for the day. So far this superintendent has made two poor choices and then had to back pedal on his choice.
I hope everyone out for the parade along 4th Ave bundle up for the cold. I think it may stay under 30 degrees today. 
(if you look very closely you will see that flying on top of the Space Needle is the 12th Man flag)

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