Saturday, February 08, 2014

An actual lesson was learned

Yesterday everything was a fight or argument with my four year old. It was as if she was channeling her older brother for the day. 
"It is time to get dressed"-me
"I don't want too" her
"We have to take your brother to school"
"I don't care"
That is how my entire morning went. I was gearing up for her refusal to go to her music class at one. That was until she decided that it was time for a bath. I relented at noon and let her bathe. She was long since overdue for one. In she went and stayed. We washed her hair and soaped her little body. Changed out the water for more warm water. I looked at the clock and it was time to leave for class. I told her this and she said it was still bath time. And that is when I gave in, I was tired of the constant battle. I let my youngest splash around and come out on her own. She dressed and ate lunch. She played some more. I watched her and thought about her music class and was sad we had missed it.

Then at about three she said; Let's go to class. I looked at her and said; no honey that already happened, we missed it today. Unexpectedly she suddenly felt remorse. 
"But I really wanted to go!"-her
"I didn't understand that when you said no"-me
"but I was just joking mom"-her
"I couldn't tell that when you were yelling at me"-me
"I do like it and I wanted to go"-her
"next week we will go"-me
Unlike her brother, she actually realized and understood in that brief moment that she had been the reason for missing her music class. Her actions had dictated her afternoon. It was a victory for this mama who is in constant "battle" with at least one of her children about something ever waking moment of every day. I wish it wasn't the case but that is just how some of the personalities work in this family. It gave me hope for another day. 

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