Saturday, January 25, 2014

a great fog

My pictures of course decided to upload onto the page out of order but here is a blog dedicated to the fog I encountered today
 This was off the ferry towards the ferry landing of Kingston Washington. I have never seen it this thick before. There was an actual crew member down on the front of the boat with a walkie talkie communicating with the bridge
 Highway 104 was lost in a fog too. For some reason my fellow drivers all didn't have their headlights on while driving in this pea soup.
 Off the back of the ferry this morning looking back towards Edmonds before being sucked into the fog abyss.
 you can see the fog lingering up on the hills

 Here we go!
 Mount Baker is almost out of sight
 the thick veil of fog is almost upon the ferry
 very impressive when you can't see any land ahead or behind you

 20 feet behind it was all fogged in
 and back we go into it
 the contrast between light in dark was quite dramatic 
 this is returning back across Hood Canal this afternoon
 the fog is all around

 the above picture  was taken about 30 seconds before this one

 Oh hello again Mount Baker
 heading out to sea

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