Sunday, October 06, 2013

Losing faith in my own capabilities

About a year ago we said good bye to our beloved dog who had reached the ripe old age of fourteen and a half years. I knew we would want to get another dog. My youngest thought we should go out and get a new dog the next day. My husband said in five years and I thought that was too long. A couple of weeks ago I made the mistake of looking at local puppies in shelters. Then I got it in my head that we were READY for a puppy. My husband said we weren't. I argued that we were because with school having started we could probably do it. I filled out an application, had a home visit and was approved on Friday for a puppy. Saturday morning came and we drove south to Tacoma to look at two puppies. We brought home an eleven week old little boy. I was having doubts before we left the foster home.
I was hoping one of my kids would say no or my husband might step up and say no. They all just agreed. The puppy peed between 4-6 times in our car on the ride home alone. I kept him outside for an hour after that (thank god it was a gorgeous day) and when I brought him inside he peed on the floor another three times. We bought a crate for him to sleep in. Time came for him to go in and we hadn't heard a peep out of him up until this point. That is when the ear piercing barking and whines began.

I have either blocked all this out of my brain from the last time I went through it or my last dog didn't do this to the extreme the new puppy is. About every three hours we let him out over night and then the barks and whining would be again. These periods of time would go on between 15-40 minutes at a time.

Now I completely understand that being away from everything this little guy has known for his first 11 weeks of life is a huge shock and big transition. This morning I was a wreck. I was up before 7 AM standing outside hoping in vain that he would pee. He mostly tried to eat every pine cone that he could find. I started thinking about my routine on school days and how this was going to add a good half hour to everything.

By the time my husband got up I was in tears. I was thinking about returning the dog and admitting defeat. No we really were not ready for any of this. I was a fool to think we could take this on. Our life has been easy for the last year without the extra work of a dog. My husband agreed with me that it was a lot of work but he asked  me to give it more time. At that point it hadn't even been 24 hours. My husband, even in his sheer exhausted state had more faith in us then I did. Which reminded me about what a great relationship it is that we have.

I am not going to lie. Today has been crazy. Don't even ask me how much pee that I have cleaned up. I have even bathed the dog already, it was all ready that bad. On the upside it would seem that we managed to pick a cautious, more of a homebody puppy. He doesn't just bolt off into a new adventure.

Wish me luck. I am still worried about tomorrow and what it will bring.

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