Friday, August 23, 2013

There is a snobbish foodie inside of me

I love good, well made food. I really get tired of mediocre meals. I know many people just trundle through life eating flavorless, boring food. Maybe that is by choice. Maybe it is because they are afraid of some ingredients they have never heard of. Whatever the case might be, it does make me sad. We could all benefit from marvelous food. And it doesn't have to be outrageously expensive either.
 Take last night's dinner. It was all made possible by my neighbor across the street. He handed me one of his basil plants and a bagful of various tomatoes. With a little thought and gumption I turned it all into a scrumptious meal.
First I chopped up the tomatoes, some basil and rosemary and cooked it down into a lovely thicker sauce. I grabbed my ebelskiver cookbook (filled pancakes) and found a savory cheese filled one. More basil was chopped and added to this batter. The result was a lusciously cheesy filled basil flavored pancake that was dipped into a slightly sweet tomato sauce. A perfect end of summer dinner. Not some mediocre, flavorless pre-made meal. 

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