Sunday, August 04, 2013

Pleasantly surprised while visiting the Glenn Curtiss Museum

I don't know about you but when I learned about the first flight and airplanes it was all Wright brother heavy. I expanded my knowledge with reading some books about some of the first female pilots and early flights in Africa. I can't say that I ever really heard much or learned about Glenn Curtiss
We had driven past this building with a plane out in front of it a couple of times while in the Keuka lake area and finally ventured inside on a cloudier day. Turns out the Glenn H. Curtiss Aviation Museum is filled to the gills with amazing vintage motorcycles, cars, planes, etc...
 Spending a few hours was just not enough time to read through all the information presented to a visitor in the various displays
 I encourage anyone in the Hammondsport NY area to go take a look
 there really is something for everybody

 and if you have the need to talk to someone just walk into the shop area where people are restoring vintage airplanes and cars
 ever wonder what the first seaplane looked like? There it is in the above picture.

 I wouldn't mind driving this woody around
 do you need a propeller? 
 how about a spectacular truck?

 and in case you forgot what a typewriter looked like they have a few on display

 maybe you need a refresher course on how cameras used to look, there are quite a few in this display case to jog your memory

 And for you film buffs I even found some props from the Indiana Jones movies for you

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