Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to the Hoh

 driving up the road into the Hoh rain forest exposed us to various types of weather. There were the clouds that clung to the trees on the mountains like thick cobwebs. There was the heavy mist rising out of the trees above the river and occasionally bright summer sunshine blinding our eyes. 
 this little river had salmon fry swimming around in it. 
 Come December there will be thousands of salmon spawning
 the lush green hues are absolutely breathtaking 
 on average the visitor center sees about 136 inches of rain every year. Now compare that to Seattle which generally sees about 36 inches of rain in a year. Sequim which is in the rain shadow only averages about 18 inches a year.
 The above picture is water flowing in a small river
 I already want to go back

 Nobody else grows moss like we do in Washington state

 my kids always call these tunnels

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