Friday, July 12, 2013

waxing a poetic verse towards salt water taffy

Last weekend I found myself in Ocean Shores Washington. The small town was filled to the brim with multiple family groups and gaggles of friends trying to ride go-karts, renting crazy canopy 2+ person bikes, navigating around on mopeds and driving their cars on the beach. It was anything but relaxing.

At about 10:30 or so in the morning I found myself standing in Murphy's Candy and Ice Cream store. Suddenly I was under 10 years old on the Oregon coast holding a white paper bag and filling it with fresh home made salt water taffy. Except in reality I was going from barrel to barrel with my own kids deciding on which flavor we should put into our own white bag.  And it didn't disappoint.

Now I am sitting here writing this blog and wondering why salt water taffy makes me feel giddy and nostalgic. It can't be any salt water taffy either as I have discovered. Those prepackaged things just don't cut it. Whatever it may be that causes me to want to write an ode to a sugary, chewy and incredibly sticky substance I shall keep. After all I rarely actually get to indulge this side of myself in my daily life.

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