Saturday, July 20, 2013

Leaving town for the day just for sanity's sake

Was there really time before Wednesday to head over to the peninsula? Nope, not really. There are far too many things on an every growing list. However sanity took first place last night and away we went this morning.
 Catching the 7:10 AM ferry always seems like an insane idea when the alarm clock sounds at 5 AM. Then you look out at the sound, the calm rushing over you stopping any crazy thoughts running around in your mind. This morning the sky and the water were exactly the same color.
 You would never guess by this view nor the driving in the fog across the Hood Canal bridge that later in the day bright and glorious sun would be shining down on you.
 Between our visit last weekend and today there were new babies all over the game farm today
 the peacocks were shaking in all their colorful glory trying in vain to attract a pea hen's much needed attentions
as you can see there were lots of new baby deer, plus all the baby elk were out. There was a brand new llama baby and all the baby bison were napping as we drove by. It will be fun to see what happens upon our return in about three weeks time.

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