Thursday, July 18, 2013

Checking in: 5:2 Fast Diet week 5

Holy smokes! Have I actually made it to week five? Have I actually managed to eat somewhere in the vicinity of 500 calories for ten fast days!?

I have to say that having my husband join me on this crazy quest for a longer, healthier life has really improved my success thus far. Without him to complain to and commiserate with I don't think that I would have gotten this far.

That being said I can tell you that it is hard on fast days. There are some fast days that do fly by but that is only because I am extremely busy. Otherwise I get hungry and notice I am hungry and look longingly at the cupboards. 

I am learning more about my body as I go forward with this plan. I have learned that no matter what I eat for breakfast (cereal, eggs, a tofu sandwich, etc...) my body will still get incredibly hungry about 2-4 hours later. I have also learned that flavors are more enjoyable and stand out on my fast days. My body is learning to savor whatever it may be, a cherry, a bite of salad, bittersweet chocolate,etc.. all those items of food that you take for granted are fabulous!  I also don't pig out on my none fast days. Sure I might eat a bit more bread but for the most part I have gotten way better at not over eating. If per chance I don't have time to stop and eat on a non fast day? I do fine. My body knows just what to do and rolls with it. 

Oh and those 12 leftover pounds from three pregnancies? They are actually going away. I was worried there for I bit, I must admit. I had this panic attack that I was doing this diet with nothing to show for it. Then I stepped onto the scale. I have lost somewhere between 5-8 pounds. (I give you a range because I am not quite sure how accurate my bathroom scale is).

How's my blood sugars and other things? I don't have a clue. Next time I go to the doctor's office I'll have to ask to be tested. 

The big question looming in front of me is how am I going to handle this on a week long vacation with my husband's family? After all there is the martini hour ever day. Where crackers and cheeses are laid out and the alcohol flows freely right into dinner where wine is usually brought out. I am going to try my hardest to stick to my plan. And much to the dismay of some family members I will probably forgo most of the drinking as I have learned that alcohol really is just a bunch of empty calories. 

I have to say that I am happy with my results so far. No, I am not wasting away. Yes, this diet is so flexible that I can shift around my fast days if need be. Will I stick with it? I sure as hell am going to try!

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