Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5:2 being slightly ahead of the curve

If someone asked you point blank- do you want to have a long and productive life? What would you say? I assume: YES! Honestly who really wants to die at 40? or even 50? No one I know.  Now think about your eating habits.  Are you eating your way through most your days? Do you plop down in front of the television at night and enjoy a nice little snack? How often do you eat fast food? Do you even cook in your house? How about drinking water? Do you ever drink it?
 A fellow parent friend of mine was talking about this new diet one day last month. She said she had been doing it for 8 weeks and she honestly was feeling better then she has felt in a long time. The 5:2 Fast Diet by Dr.Michael Mosley is sweeping across western Europe and gigantic in England right now. For five days a week you can eat whatever you want, there are absolutely no restrictions. Then for two days a week (not back to back) you only eat 500 calories if you are a female or 600 calories if you are a male. Concept is to reset your body's clock.

Frequently in the first world diet we all eat foods that are extremely high in sugars, salts and fats. Rarely is there a day that goes by that you actually feel really hungry. Your body might tell you that it is in fact time to eat but you aren't actually hungry.

 Thanks to our great shipping abilities we can have foods whenever we want them, from where ever we want them at anytime of the year. We never experience long periods of time where food simply isn't available. Much like our ancestors did.

By only eating 500 calories in a day you let your body do what it is naturally supposed to do. Break up fats and sugars for energy. You don't have this excessive extra amount of them floating around in your blood stream creating a great environment for cancers to form and thrive.
I picked up the book from Amazon and began to read. I also picked up the cookbook in the above picture because I had a hunch most of the examples in the book would not be vegetarian (and I was right). As I read the book that actually uses a lot of scientific data to back it up, I began to think to myself "What do I have to lose?". The answer really is simple, "Nothing". I am a parent of three kids, lets face it while I don't gorge myself, I am not the most healthiest eater. My husband agreed to try it with me. Neither of us want to die of a heart attack, have a stroke or get cancer. We're currently on week two and our third fasting day.

The first fast day I had last week was incredibly painful. I wasn't busy enough and I was actually quite aware of my hunger pains. I got incredibly grumpy too. I think I topped out at about 850 calories that day. Which is well below most people's normal routine. The next time I fasted I was smarter. I ate protein to carry me further into the day and I felt much more successful. I bet I ingested about 600 calories that day.  I have learned that in my short time on this diet that certain foods taste so much better after a day of fasting.  And on my none fasting days I don't go crazy and gorge myself either. My body is starting to remember that no I really don't need that gigantic serving of pasta to survive. And yes, I am trying my darnedest to eat more fruits and vegetables too.

Now the question is how long can I maintain this? Will it just become routine? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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