Thursday, May 23, 2013

The irises in my yard

I once had a roommate whose mother loved irises. The problem with loving irises is that every year they grow by dividing. Soon you find your yard inundated by irises. My former roommate's mom brought us bags full of various irises. And so I now have classic looking irises and bearded irises.
 After irises divide it takes them a year or two to mature and flower
 above is the last iris to start blooming this year
 This was my first one to pop out after winter
 I really like the different colors and designs on this one
 This iris always delights me because it smells like grapes. I don't know why but it is a fantastic smell.

 I went through a period of really disliking this color but now I am at peace with it and like it for it's uniqueness 
 I've had hair this color
 This one reminds of a bright sunny spring day
 When I think of my first impression of irises from my childhood this is what pops into my head. It is a classic.
 I think someone should design an evening gown with this color scheme
This little one was hiding out by one of my lavender plants 

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