Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My current hair color is leaving me feeling rather shy

When you look at people passing you along the street, who stands out to you? Is it the person with tattoos and body piercings? The well dressed man in a suit talking to the invisible person in his ear? The mother yelling at her children to behave? Who catches your attention first?
 Above is my current hair color. And for some reason it is making me feel like I stick out too much from the crowd. I don't feel like I can hide or blend in with this shade. Which is funny since I see many women walking around with various shades of red in their hair. Many of whom don't look natural in the least. I feel like my head is "on fire" with how bright and vibrant it is. Like it is yelling at everyone "HEY LOOK AT ME". Never mind the random zit on my chin that is the size of Texas.
 I've gotten compliments on my various shades of hair over time. People like this one. And yet here I am wondering if it is just too much. I find myself questioning myself as to why I went this direction in color. It's been years since I purposely put any shade of red in my hair. Which was completely the norm in high school.  Like everyone I find myself in a self doubt mode of thinking. And it is turning into a rut. The logical part of my brain is reminding my self doubting side that this color will soon fade out. It will become more subtle with each wash. And yet impatience flows over me like a river swollen after a snow melt. 
On the upside; my entire body has a great rosy hue thanks to my diligent shower taking. The dye floods down my body in the shower leaving pink residue in it's wake. 

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