Wednesday, April 03, 2013

hybrid sweets - we really don't need them

I am definitely a baker. All my friends know this too. Occasionally I receive recipe ideas from them. Thanks to the Pinerest craze people are posting all sorts of recipe ideas. Some are viable and others are just plan not. It seems that everyone on there is embracing their "Martha Stewart" part of their personality. I have yet to actually sign up for Pinterest because I am partly afraid of it all. 

There is a new trend ramping up. It would seem that using your muffin tin for various recipes is becoming very popular. There are pancake muffins! (this failed for me and my kids were quite unimpressed) and now this bizarre idea of combining brownies with chocolate chip cookies.
 Yesterday my curiosity got the best of me and I started pulling out ingredients to try out this concept. The person who posted this picture of the finished product had taken the easy way out and opened mixes. (really people?! You can't even manage to throw together a batch of chocolate chip cookies? How lazy are you?) I made up the two different batters according to my handwritten cookbook. Then I placed the cupcake papers in the tin and:
 I added the brownie batter first. Just a spoonful. It looks like a very small amount in the picture and it is about a tablespoon.
 Then in went about a tablespoon of cookie dough. Twenty minutes at 375 seemed to cook them just right (ovens always vary)
Ta da! We have a hybrid concoction of cookies and brownies. Do they taste good? Sure they do. I have given them out to various people with great results. But I don't know what the whole point of this combination is. I suppose if you are an incredibly indecisive person that you have the best of both worlds.  

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