Monday, March 11, 2013

Annoying Bird Watchers

Last Tuesday it happened again. I was standing in the kitchen (which is in the back of my house) and I looked out the window. Standing there in the alley were at least three or four adults and four kids. They were hovering behind my back fence staring at my house. The adults were lifting the grade school aged children up to look over my fence. This lasted for a good half hour. 
 Yesterday these two were across the street. Very subtle aren't they? I stood in my front window and took these two pictures of them. Did they notice? Nope. Did they care? Nope. After gawking up at my tree they finally left after ten minutes.
The odd thing about these two was gawking at my house wasn't enough. They walked into my neighbor's driveway (the one there right behind them). Then as they walk to the east away from my house they stopped and peaked over my other neighbor's fence! Do people seriously have no privacy qualms anymore?

I placed a sign up in my youngest's window that overlooks the back alley "can we come look over your fence too?" I hope people get a clue. If not I will take more pictures and post them.

By the way, the snowy owl is actually not in my tree today.

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