Sunday, March 31, 2013

Animal antics

Spring has definitely settled in at the Olympic Game Farm this year. Can you see the baby yak in the below picture?
 Can you see the white on it's forehead in this next picture?

 This is the goofiest golden eagle I have ever seen. As a bird of prey it should be dining on rodents and other small birds. What did we see it doing on saturday? Hanging out in the yak, llama enclosure and waiting for bread hand outs.
 And yes, it was even sampling the wheat bread!
 Here is a shot from the elk area into the bison area. Can you see those gorgeous Olympic mountains!?
While we drove around the bison range we encountered some very silly and almost damaging behavior from the bison. The two year olds were a bit rambunctious and thought rubbing on our side mirrors and the hood of our car was a brilliant idea. If you do decided to travel through the game farm right now be on the look out.

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