Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When you need to knead

A friend from high school posted her family's go to bread recipe a few days back and it started percolating in my brain. This morning I started the bread making process right after putting my eldest on the school bus.
 I halved Ester's recipe because I couldn't fathom my family being able to eat a whole lot of loaves before they started growing mold. And we don't have a gigantic freezer for storing stuff in. I started the sponge and then went off to find my loaf pans.
 watch out the brain might just get you!
 As luck would have it, I was only able to find one viable loaf pan. I found one other but it was super rusty. What on earth is a baking girl to do? Get crafty of course!
 I used my one loaf pan and then proceeded to shape the remaining dough into three loaves. Now wait a moment! How did I manage to make four loaves after halving this recipe?! Any way, after the shaped dough had its finally rest of 45 minutes (or in my case an hour fifteen, that's what happens when preschool beckons) I cooked the pan free loaves on my pizza stone. Guess what?
 It worked! ta da! Now this picture doesn't color the beautiful brown color that all four loaves got but they turned out splendidly.
With four loaves of bread in the house I had to of course try one and then give two away. Turns out I forgot to add the salt. Whoops. Tastes fine though. And there is always next time.

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