Friday, February 22, 2013

The great underwear caper of 2013

A few years ago I wrote a blog about the incredible shrinking of women's underwear and of course now I cannot find it!

The time came again when I needed to find some new undies. No women (that I know) ever feels that sexy looking for new underwear. With each season we find that the overall material used to make the latest , "hottest" underwear shrinking. Yes, that's right folks go pick up your regular size and find half your bottom hanging out.

Don't worry you haven't suddenly put on a whole bunch of extra weight (although we all fear that!). It seems the manufacturers of panties likes to mess with our feminine brains and our ever fragile body images by routinely cutting back on the amount of fabric used.

Case in point I used to be able to buy Victoria Secret cotton underwear with a second thought. The colors were fun, I knew exactly what styles looked good on me (no granny panties here!) and the sizing was never an issue.  Times changed, I had a kid or two or three and everyone under the sun wanted no panty lines! Suddenly my easy go to underwear styles were changing under my nose and the sizes were shrinking. (My bottom might have grown slightly but that is not the point)

I can still wear my pre-third child underwear from VS that is sized medium. Sure they are a bit ratty but that's okay for some days. Compare that to a current size medium from VS and I cannot comfortably wear them. I had to go up a size. Let's talk about those styles too. When did bikini style underwear suddenly become freely show off my butt crack panties? Coverage folks is needed for most of us over the age of 30. You really don't need to see that, let's be honest here.

When did the world become obsessed with panty lines? It was somewhere during my third pregnancy because all of a suddenly that's how the advertising went for most styles and cuts. I bought two pairs of wonderfully stretchy and forgiving panties while I was pregnant three years ago. They covered me well, didn't slip and slide . And weren't terribly constricting as my wait line expanded. Although they did give me panty lines in a few outfits which is against their marketing scheme.

 In general I don't pay much heed to all that hype about panty lines. Let's face it, unless you are going commando on a routine basis, everyone EVERYONE! under the sun wears underwear. You might be the Queen of England or truck driver but you do wear it. We all know it. And who really cares?

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I needed to buy some new undies. This time I branched out past cotton and into the lacy no lines area. This is where every style starts to sound the same and look the same. Where you find yourself staring at the various panties thinking that none of them are going to cover up your assets. I took a leap of faith and some free consultations from my friends on Face Book and jumped right into the fray.

My order from Aerie came in yesterday and now the experiment will begin. I opened up the five various packages and took a gander at my spoils. (you can see a few examples in the picture at the top ignore the one VS pair) Other then the two cotton based ones, all the lacy ones look similar. Even though each pair is supposedly a different style.

 I can say that my husband is super excited about my new choices. We'll see how many wedgies I get in this endeavour.

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