Monday, February 04, 2013

The blog were I explain avoidance

Much like the weather here in Seattle I have been in a place of stagnation. The grey clouds that have blanketed the city for about a month now have clouded over my writing skills and desires. I have found a myriad of ways to avoid doing anything remotely close to a blog post.

When I first started this blog it was more centered on writing my ideas, opinions, random stories and of course politics. Then I transformed and morphed myself into sharing mainly pictures from things I have seen along the way through out my day. Both forms are great for me as I am a life long writer and an amateur photographer.

I finally admitted to myself on this past Friday that I have been avoiding any form of writing for months now. At first it wasn't on purpose, I was honestly busy. Then my being "busy" got to be a great thing to tell myself. And then I just don't notice anymore. I went along through out my day, week or month without writing without noticing that I wasn't writing. It reminded me of when couples go through their routines without being conscience of the other person anymore. The whole taking for granted thing got way out of hand here.

Writing started to creep back into my habits. First I started embracing 120 characters on Twitter. I would tweet something that was actually descriptive, say something you might read in a book. At 120 characters you are very limited and it isn't a giant commitment.

Occasionally I would create a status on FaceBook that was even more descriptive and poignant. Although I have to say my writing muscle would turn "on" and "off" so easily that it was in fits and starts.

Last night as I laid my weary head down on the pillow my brain took off. I thought of many humorous things to share with my 32 avid followers here on the blog site and my 98 followers on Twitter. And while I was impressing myself with my comedic writing skills I was also annoying the hell out of myself while I was trying to get to sleep.

I have been feeling much like the snowy owl who has chosen to hide in my tree this winter. I have been feeling shy and irritated that people are wanting something from me (a picture in the case of the owl or a piece of advice from me). And so much like my feathered friend I have found myself hiding from the public's prying eyes and even flying off to avoid the inevitable.

Dear reader, I am still here cloaked in my dark grey clouds of winter. I have no awesome pictures to share with you just yet or pearls of wisdom dripping out of my ever working brain. Don't lose hope as soon that will all change and much like the crocus that start pushing through the winter muck, I too will emerge.

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