Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Staying silent can actually encourage sexism

The Academy Awards took place this past sunday. It was a three and a half hour show that got critics talking,and people either liked it or hated it. I watched the entire show from start to finish and there were parts that really dragged on for me.

Seth MacFarlane was this year's host and I expected him to be off color. I realize that for most comedians anything is fair game. I also will forgive people some seriously politically incorrect humor if they are in fact above a certain age. However Mr MacFarlane is only two years older then me. Which means he should know better when it came time to make fun of women.

I am by no means saying women are perfect and should never be made fun of. Oh, no we have plenty of things you can poke fun at. However telling a misogynistic joke in front of a billion people is in bad taste.

 I get that Hollywood is an old boys club. I get that women director's have a harder time getting movies produced. That doesn't stop them though, now does it? As I heard the joke escape MacFarlane's lips on sunday night I cringed. (you can watch all the bad jokes here. The joke in question in at about 1 minute 16 seconds)

I immediately thought of all the women before me who fought very hard for us to get the right to vote, the right to have access to birth control , the right to choose, etc...All these women would have been up in arms! They wouldn't have taken that joke lying down (Gloria Steinem and Nora Ephron where are you?!)

Apathy is the word that comes to mind when I think of our younger generations towards tasteless jokes and bad politics. By letting this roll off your shoulders you are actually saying it is okay to talk this way about your fellow women. By not standing up and starting a much needed discussion about the meaning of this joke you are accepting it and complying with it.

Do you really want men to control your every move again? Do you really want to "laugh" at a joke that degrades women? Standing up and saying it is wrong will not brand you as a troublemaker. Tell the Academy you don't like it. Tweet about it. Blog about it. Post about it. Do something so we know you are paying attention and care.

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