Thursday, February 07, 2013

No two size 10s are quite a like

For countless years I was a size 8. That was just what I was, I was neither too skinny nor overweight. I would buy a pair of pants and 9 times out of 10 they would fit decent enough that I never stopped to think about it.

Once I went to try on pants when I was 20 and my normal size 8 was too big. I was standing there in a J. Crew fitting room (before they went super upscale) staring at my mirror image and wondering had I picked up the wrong size? Nope. I was actually a size 6 for like two seconds when I was 20. Why you ask?

At that I time I was enrolled in Specialty Desserts and Breads. I spent at least six hours a day, five days a week making fancy desserts and artisan breads. I couldn't bring myself to eat any sugary substance and so without trying to lost weight. I never weighed myself during this period nor actually realized how skinny I got until that day I was standing in the dressing room trying on jeans.

Flash forward a few years and I was back to my normal size 8 and growing bigger with my first child. After the first kid, your body pretty much snaps back to it's previous state without too much work. Sure you're softer in a few places but for the most part your clothes fit the same.

Have another baby and all bets are off. I went up to a size 10 and this is where I have stayed. Being a size 10 is fine. I am actually still very much within my healthy weight zone for my height and age. Do I believe that I could lose a few pounds? Sure, let's be honest most people I think that. It especially happens when I try on pants.

These are my jeans. I think I have had them for about 2 or so years. The knees are worn out now and I have done my best to patch them up. As a mother of three I spend quite a few hours on the floor and this can be incredibly hard on pants. Since my jeans are looking rather ratty I began looking for another pair. Sounds straight forward, right? I looked at Eddie Bauer where the above jeans came from, now they offer styles of jeans in boyfriend, slightly curvy, curvy and truly straight.

I sat there at my computer reading the descriptions of each style over and over again. As a consumer I was left more confused then ever before.I started wondering about who introduced this new way of jeans and why they thought it was an improvement over the last way. With absolutely no time to physically walk into a store and talk to a clerk I hit the selection button on a pair of slightly curvy on sale jeans. I was playing jeans roulette.

I opened up my package when it came and stared at the jeans. Slightly curvy, what does that mean to you? To me it should mean that there is a little extra room in the hips and seat areas. Off went whatever pants I was wearing and on went the above jeans. I am happy to report there were no areas looking saggy. In fact these jeans are actually tighter then any so called straight pair of jeans I own. I am certain that there is less room in the hips and seat areas of these particular pair of pants then any I have ever tried on before. I found myself thinking about a shoe horn as I pulled them off and wondered if I would need one to ever get these back on.

You would think that there would be a standard for what every size 10 should be. It should be recognized across all the manufacturers for ever size. Instead every company is different when it comes to women's pants and their various cuts. It really has become a guessing game for many of us women when it comes to picking out a style and size on a pair of jeans. I have read many accounts on various blogs about this fact.

My story does not end with jeans it continues with a pair of travel pants. Hopefully in 2014 I will be embarking on a safari to Tanzania with a very dear friend of mine. Which means I will need to buy some appropriate clothes for the adventure. Quick drying and light weight materials to help protect against the sun is a plus. That being said, travel clothing can be extremely expensive. I have started watching for sales. I was excited when I found a pair of travel pants on sale through REI and ordered them.

I am not one who really likes zip off pants. They are a great concept but generally are not that attractive on people. I settled on the above pair because you could also turn them into capris which seemed like a great option. Once again I played the pants roulette game and pretty much lost. Wearing these pants was like wearing a swimsuit. They were tight and yet not uncomfortable. You could see every detail of my bottom half, which my husband loved but acknowledged wasn't such a good idea for long hours spent on the Serengeti. The other disappointing part of this pair of pants was the zip off area. For some reason the zipper that went around the entire thigh area was super tight. No consideration was put into adding a bit of extra room to this area because the zipper is bigger and a different material.

Now I am back to square one in the travel pants area. I am frustrated and laughing at the same time. Standards aren't too much to ask for or are they?

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