Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Disgruntled Housewife takes on rubberneckers

As many of my readers know this winter has given us an extra guest in our tree outside. While I completely agree having a snowy owl grace your neighborhood or house is a very exciting thing the people who come out to stare at it are quite a different matter.

The viewing public bring their friends, children, telescoping lens, binoculars, cameras, cars and cellphones with them. They stand on the sidewalk in front of your house staring up into your tree. They walk around trying to get a better viewing angle. Sometimes they jump up into your flowerbeds. Other times they walk up your neighbor's driveway. These people even walk down the alley behind your house and hoist their kids up on their shoulders so that they might see over your six foot fence. They point, they walk back and forth and they call their friends to share your address. These people walk to your house in droves or they drive along your street searching, when they finally spot an owl anywhere from one to eight people pile out of a car. It is sheer madness I say!

Yesterday brought me a whole helpings worth of frustration and anger. The gawking public came in droves to my house, each person acted like they were the only one in the world to happen on this great secret. And yet my gut told me that my address was listed on some message board. Car after car came. There were so many people staring at my house and tree that the owl actually flew away at 2 pm. For some reason not one person after this time realized the owl wasn't in my tree. They kept coming.

My kids caught my frustration and actually yelled out the window at one point "GO AWAY". It just isn't normal to point and lurk outside a person's home folks. It is weird. And you are all breaking so many privacy rules and entering the peeping Tom area.

In hindsight I should have started taking pictures of the people. This would illustrate this entire blog clear as day. I promise to post any pictures in the future so that you can see that I am not so crazy as this rant may seem.

This morning after twelve hours of careful thought and consideration I posted a sign in my front window. It was the least rude thing I could think of: NO OWL MOVE ON

We'll see if that works. For all you people in Seattle who feel the need to watch a snowy owl. Simply go to Sunset Hill park at dusk. Park your car. Stand in the park and wait. Both snowy owls will fly around over your head as they start their hunting for the night.

Now if only the crows would stop yelling at the poor owl...

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