Monday, October 15, 2012

Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama

I am afraid of what will happen to this country if Romney is elected president on Nov 6th. I am afraid for what it will mean to all our children. I don't want anyone to have to hide who they are because they fear what might happen to them. My fears spread across to all races, genders and what religion you might practice. Romney and Ryan's incredibly conservative views will seek out anyone who is different and stomp them out. In my heart of hearts I know that the United States was not founded on just one person's view but many. Our differences make us unique and strong. It makes our country what it is. Please, as you fill out that ballot on Nov 6th do your fellow members of this great country a favor. Don't vote to send us back to the dark, racist, sexist, afraid ages. Vote for forward movement, maintain the momentum. No candidate is ever perfect but do you as an individual really want to go back to back alley abortions? People hiding in fear because of who they love? I don't. And I hope you don't either.

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