Saturday, September 01, 2012

some one please pay to take pictures of the sky

 Labor Day weekend and I found myself awake just after 5 AM this morning. It is dark at that time now, even the birds are asleep. I did get to enjoy the Blue Moon before it set and it was gorgeous. 
 Check out all those boats! This picture does not show you just how many were out there this morning. Could easily have been a hundred in the middle of the sound.
 good bye city
 Hood Canal bridge was literally bathed in fog
 good morning friend!
 excuse me, but can I have some more wheat bread?
 the Kodiak bears (who were awake) were evenly spaced out for the cars today
 I think this girl had the right idea
 I can never get over the fact of just how big these bears are (and that is probably a good thing)
 the bison were crazy today. we actually watched one keep pace with a mini van for over 50 yards!
 I bet one of those shoulders weighs about the same as that car
 good night city, good night clouds
 fall must almost be here, the clouds are becoming lovely at twilight 

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