Saturday, September 29, 2012

Autumn is here

 If you drove through the Olympic Game Farm for the first time today, you'd wonder what all the fuss was about it. Most of the llamas and yaks were lounging far away from the roadside. All the bears except for one were out of sight or sound asleep.
 These guys didn't get the autumn memo and were trying to figure out how to escape
 The elk are in the middle of their rutting season. This being said all the females are enjoying the fact that they only have one male amongst them. This would be fine except he's got hormones raging through his giant body and he's extra protective of his harem. So much so that he was bugling and strongly urging the girls to get away from our car. In the "chaos" after the bull elk's bugle my husband threw a piece of bread out of the car distract the male and it landed square in the middle of our windshield. 
 These girls were going to surround us!
 The dahlias are all in bloom near the sign for the game farm

and this dog was at the Old Mill Days in Port Gamble. How could I not take a picture?

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