Thursday, August 23, 2012

The GOP War on Women's Health is Real

I posted this video last night without any thoughts to go along with it. Yes, it is propaganda but the message is accurate. It doesn't matter what your political beliefs are here, women alone should be in charge of their bodies and it should never be part of a political agenda.

We see in the media the fight for marriage equality and yet the right for women to choose how to take care of themselves is never a front runner.  Next up will they take away a woman's right to vote in the next election?

As a human being and a citizen of this earth, would you as an individual like to help take away a woman's right to choose?

Would you like to stand behind a government that tells women they have no right to an abortion after they have been brutally raped by a stranger or a friend?

Would you be able to raise a child conceived in rape and love that child unconditionally?

Would you as a taxpayer enjoy paying taxes for all the public services required to raise a sudden influx of abandoned / unwanted children?

Would you as a member of a family like to take on the care and well being of a grieving mother who has to watch her child, who was so severely deformed that it could not live on it's own, die in a hospital because she was not allowed to have a late term abortion because it was outlawed?

These are some of the questions voters need to ask themselves as November approaches.  Abortion and reproductive rights should never been on the political agenda. Fight for women's rights. And remember only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions. That is 97% of other health related reproductive care they do, which is so important for this nation's uninsured women and families.

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