Thursday, August 30, 2012


As summer winds down I find myself wanting to make tomato sauce. I grew up in the city but we had a very large garden. (Picture a swimming pool sized vegetable garden) We grew lettuce, carrots, corn, peas, beans, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, etc...
 I remember counting tomato plants one and between the plants my dad had started from seeds and the volunteers from the past summer's plants we had well over 40 plants. My parents made tomato juice, and spaghetti sauce every year they were married. I can recognize a home grown tomato over a store bought one. They smell different and the color is amazingly more vibrant. I myself however cannot stand to eat a raw tomato.
 This summer as I get the urge to make sauce, I let myself indulge in the fun. And it doesn't take me all day to go through the process.
 I wonder why my parents didn't grow their own herbs, strange they always used dried ones
 vegetables adds more dimension to your sauce
my house smell fantastic right now 

Maybe next year I'll plant a few tomatoes. We'll see.  They taste so much better after all. 

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