Thursday, August 02, 2012

50 shades of hair dye

What is it about hair? Why have we valued it for so many long years? It has symbolized wealth for certain generations. And we mourn it as it falls out or grays.
 For many people in the main stream of society keeping up their hair is highly important. They dye it to help them stay young. And this is where it gets tricky.
 natural hair colors, including henna are accepted by the masses. Even bleaching your hair out to super crazy light blonde is okay. However when you cross the threshold into the "un-natural" colors people become skeptical. 
 At the beginning of June I bleached out my hair. And while I thought I looked rather silly with that light of hair, nobody paid me much attention. I was just any other average bleach blonde. After I dyed my hair with blues and greens it then became a different story.
 I have been stared at my older people and younger conservative people. Solicitors have side stepped me. And little kids between the ages of 7-12 think I am a rock star.
 It is funny how when you change to an actual color in the rainbow people then do a double take, but if you stay within the comfort zones no one says anything even if it looks really odd.
 Now that I have purple hair, it is a bit trickier for people to notice on a cloudy day or a dark room. Funny how every couple of years I go all out and dye my hair some wacky color.
No matter where I start I always end up back here in the beautiful shades of purple. 

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