Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spending time in the Hoh rain forest

With a stop at our favorite fast food joint in Forks, we then headed out to the Hoh. It is always good to get food beforehand because the drive is a lot longer then you would think. The sign posts say 12 miles to the Hoh rain forest. Then when you make the turn, it says 12 miles to entrance gate. And then at the entrance gate it says 6 miles to the visitor center. Never does it say there are actually 30 miles total.

 such a pretty drive once you get off the highway

 Those little plants are under water. Beautiful clear little creek. 

 and all these rocks are under water too

 tallest spruce tree in the forest

 the Hoh river

 turns out the hoh is seriously cold right now
 a lush green tree
same tree with sepia effect


Ernie Martinez said...

cool logo for the drive the colors of the tree on the fourth pic fropm the top also your sepia and color trees on the bottom.did you see and fish in the river.

Luna Indigo said...

we saw little fish in the creeks. The Hoh was moving to swiftly for us to see any fish in it. Trees are fun to photograph in different types of light.