Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sights around Sequim

 Thanks to the Lavender Festival going on in Sequim this weekend ferries were busy, roads were clogged and we were about an hour off our normal routine. The fallow deer were "hiding" in plain sight by the time we made it to the game farm today.

 Their mamas forgot to explain to them that laying in the road is not a good idea. 

 why aren't you feeding us again?
 the little bison babies are growing up, so long orange fur!
 After the Olympic Game Farm we stopped by Graysmarsh Farm for some berries. It is a U-pick farm and there were plenty of people out with their buckets.
 This is only a sampling of the cars that were parked at the farm
 So many colors on the wheat
 these berries are going to make a delicious pie!
If you need some local grocery items Nash's is a good bet while traveling through Sequim.

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