Saturday, May 05, 2012

Second time around

I didn't start snapping pictures until we were three quarters of the way through the first time. I was shooting mainly videos today.
 this fallen tree is fantastic, I'll have to photograph it again sometime
 the little baby bison were sticking close to their mamas today
 look at this crazy wild animal! 
 The prairie dogs were yelling at the seagulls today

 When you first enter the park you drive up a hill, there is an observation tower up there (I have taken some pictures from there before) and then a cattle gate. All the llamas and yaks were down below on the first drive through. Grabbing as much wheat bread as possible (they went through an entire loaf!!).
 On our second drive through all the llamas were making their way to the upper part.

 on the other side of this fence is a pit and I have noticed that the bald eagles and vultures really like hanging out over there

 the ravens were super noisy today, they were talking to each other all over the game farm
 there the llamas go, up the hillside

 there is a warning about the zebras on the map of the game farm. it says they bite.
 today we figured out why they say that. the zebras actually aren't that aggressive about the wheat bread. but when they do come to take it from you, their mouths are so big it would be super easy for them to accidentally bite you in the process
 if you do feed them, just mind your fingers- the zebras don't really have any intention of biting you
 the young yak is growing up nicely
 these peacocks were having a pow wow in one of the Kodiak enclosures

 S U N- oh how it feels so good!
this Kodiak was digging out a new "hole" in the ground.  It was working on making it just right

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