Friday, May 11, 2012

bomb bomb bombshell- a bait and switch

Alright my friends I let curiosity take me down an extremely padded lane this week. Women through the course of their life get to choose to wear whatever bras they want or don't want. Some women are generously endowed while others have zilch in the chest area. Bras these days come is all shapes, cup sizes, colors and textures. You can get them with or without wires, have them padded with foam, filled with gel cups or even add "chicken cutlets" to stuff them. Victoria Secret has a new "bombshell" line that claims to add two cups sizes to your bust. Wait two cup sizes?
 Here is one style of the bombshell bra. It stands alone, literally. My son quipped "the postman brought you boobs!"
Check out that padding. The picture actually doesn't give you the complete idea of just how crazy formed that foam shelf is. When you first put that bra on your boobs do not look like any of the models do in all the great unrealistic photos. No, ladies you have to lift and fluff your boobies into the correct configuration for those pieces of foam. After all the jiggling and adjusting you are suddenly torpedo chest! I felt like I was wearing an odd type of body armour.
As I wore the crazy bra around my house I started thinking about all the young girls who are ever excited to get a bra like this. How they will think that they look super amazing but that they are only perpetuating a lie. That lie that all women should have big boobs to entice a man to like them. (I know I am making a very general statement but look at our society)
Plus I can't imagine wearing this out on a first date and the person you're with gets one impression of you and then by the 5 th date (or whenever) you don't wear that bra and they are a bit taken aback by the "real" you.
My take on this bra is that nobody really needs this thing, unless you want to be walking around with your very own personal flotation boob device. 

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