Tuesday, April 24, 2012

wrongly accused

Over the weekend we left Seattle for an over night (I've posted the pictures). On our drive west we stopped at a store, gas station extravaganza to use the facilities and purchase some much anticipated temporary tattoos for the kids. I left my husband with one child so that I could get a start on putting the other two in the car. After getting my eldest strapped in, I moved on to my youngest. That's is when two grizzled men from a seriously beat up clunker of a car walked pass me in a very loud conversation. The one man who seemed to be leading this loud angry discussion was limping next to his friend. Mind you, he was walking without the aid of a cane or walker. As they passed my car he pointed at me and said it is people like that who make those of us with wheelchairs park far out in the lot.
On the inside I was screaming bloody murder. How could this jerk not notice my eldest? And then I realized he wasn't actually seeing us but seeing what he wanted to see. He was deaf to my call out of "My child cannot walk"!!! I cannot convey how mad I was and how badly I wanted to get right up in his face and defend my right to park in a handicap spot.
After he and his friend got into their car to drive away all I could do was glare.

I wish I could have walked right up to him and said this:

Excuse me sir, I noticed that you're walking. My daughter can't do that. I also noticed that you were talking, she can't do that either. I will assume that you can feed yourself, she can't do that. And I am guessing that you can go to the bathroom by yourself. You know it, she cannot do that by herself either. The next time you find yourself wanting to point at someone don't. You cannot possibly know their situation, so don't draw them into yours.

And then I would have turned on my heel to walk away.


Ernie Martinez said...

Im not going to say everyone but a large portion on the population are assholes pardon my language.Till there other peoples shoes they should not comment or try to compare themsevles its easy to make fun of or make a disrespectful commen.When you dont have a tic,a skin problem or some kind of handicapa

Luna Indigo said...

Oh I know. And there are people who take advantage of the handicap spaces.
I am still angry about this.