Monday, April 16, 2012

llama terrorists and other stories

 "hello, I am one of the best fed prairie dogs in the world"- chubby prairie dog
 "I am a peacock and dammit spring is here, now where did all  those peahens go?"- male peacock #1
 "I'm sorry but one piece of bread is not enough, my fee is at least two"- brown llama
 "the way is shut"- llama #2
 "meh, bread time is over for now"- Kodiak bear
 "can you see me?"- donkey
 "can you see me now?"- donkey
 baby yak was across the paddock and came scampering over to mama and us 
 "ladies! oh ladies! Yooohoooo!"-peacock #2 
 "oh, this little spot is just perfect. ahhhhh" Kodiak bear #2
 "look how innocent we are"- the elk

 "we meet again, 2 pieces please"
 This minivan had to pay heavy tolls going through today. Those llamas and yaks made sure to charge them extra bread slices.
The clouds were dripping over the Olympics on our return trip across the sound. 

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