Saturday, April 07, 2012

Edmonds- Kingston- Sequim- Kingston- Edmonds

Out of the city we fled today, with the sun out shining we took advantage of the weather. On the ferry ride over we saw the Cascade Mountains, the North Cascades, Mount Baker and all the Olympics were out reminding us why we live here.

 across the Hood Canal bridge

 The yaks were stopping the cars for their bread toll at the game farm today
 this guy was ready to climb into the car
 the little baby yak we've been watching grow was actually up today. It's a fuzzy little guy.
 Some of the peacocks were keeping pace with the cars
 Sorry but the next two pictures had to be taken through the front windshield. Notice the bear scratching himself on the logs
 and here is an example of what not to do. If you simply follow the rules then the animals won't gather all around the gates. Newbies at the game farm just can't read.
 Excuse me, can I have some bread?
 The bison were a bit spunky today, a touch of spring fever has gotten under their skin and they were a bit more aggressive about the bread today.
 Not today mister
 Back across the bridge

 I am not sure this boat ever goes anywhere
 Down there in the distance is Seattle and Mount Rainier 
until next time Olympics 

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