Monday, April 23, 2012

Can you guess where we ended up (again)?

 Can you see the peacock up in the tree? I have never seen one so high up before.
 These two Kodiak bears were growling, stomping and posturing at each other. My husband thought it was really cool, I was terrified! 
 This elk was by himself, the rest of the herd was clumping around cars and demanding bread!
 Olympic mountains, seagulls, bison and fallow deer. Oh my!

 I do believe this is an immature bald eagle. The white head feathers haven't grown in yet.
 The little yak is growing leaps and bounds
 on the second trip by the bears , they were mostly calm and sunning themselves 
 or taking a mud bath
 Mount Rainier and Seattle are down there off in the distance
 Sailboats out for a Sunday cruise 

I am ready to go back again!

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