Sunday, April 01, 2012

another sunday drive through the Olympic Game Farm

This is from the look out tower on a hill above the Kodiak bear enclosure at the Olympic Game Farm

 On a clear day you can see the Olympic mountains from here.

 I was throwing bread out to the fallow deer and this guy was getting picked on, so I threw a piece out to him and somehow got it on his antlers. What are the odds? Obviously better then playing the Mega Millions game. 
 The clouds were pretty fantastic on the ride back to the ferry and while on the ferry boat ride home


Ernie Martinez said...

That Peacock pic is beyond awesome That is just perfect pose wish the sky was more blue.Still i think that is one of my fav pics by you.Sometimes you just have to be there at the right moment and have a camera with you.

Luna Indigo said...

I talking to a donkey and zebra in the enclosure that the peacock was sitting on for a long time. (they were being pretty silly) and we drove slowly around the corner and I saw him sitting up there and just had to snap a picture. I wish is hadn't been so cloudy too, ah well. I missed the picture of at least 4 peacocks sitting on a giant dump truck. They looked so out of place.